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Image Manipulation Scripts
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he pages under this menu all consist of Javascript-coded software for manipulating images – normally a photographic image though could be any jpeg- or png-format file.
The purpose of all of this software is to look at the effects of brightness and hue manipulation upon an image. There is masses of photo-editing software out there, but sadly little of it looking at the effects of relative brightness. I am developing new ideas all the time.
I write the code in HTML and Javascript for two reasons, one is it means I can work on my software wherever I happen to be – provided I have a computer with internet access at least – and the other is that that way it is relatively future-proof, I am unlikely to need to update my software when Microsoft or Apple upgrade their operating systems.
The pages are listed in the menu in pretty-much reverse order to the time I wrote them, i.e. newest first. Some of the older ones are a little basic; that’s how it goes with writing code.
The software, being web-based, is free-to-use by anyone, though I must stress that I offer no support of any kind. WYSIWYMGIYL (what you might get if you’re lucky).


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