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Auto-Colour between Edges
This page uses two input files, one the original colour photo or image, and the second the downloaded file from my Edge Detect By Lines page. It auto-fills between the drawn lines from that downloaded file.
The colour that is filled-in is a closest match to one of the colours that has been selected on this page, matched by brightness, saturation or hue.
The match is from a row of pixels between the detected lines, for a brightness or saturation match that is on mean, median or mode average or maximum, for hue match it is on mode average.
Original image:
or image url apply
Edge detection image:
or image url apply
This page requires a HTML5 browser and Javascript switched on.
Number of colours
Set colours on number change
brightnesses from photo frequency
even out brightnesses
COLOURS : (use colour picker to change checked colour)
= revert to previous = revert to auto-set
Match by
Match Average
 Max. Occurrence
 Maximum Value
Image Rendering:
Crisp Edges
High Quality
Image rendering is controlled via CSS. The options are CSS image-rendering variables, some of them produce identical results to others in some cases.
Image Smoothing Enabled on Paint
Formula for calculating brightness:

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