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Edge Detect by Lines
My software for edge detection by line. The rationale for the approach this page takes is elaborated on Edge Detection Scripts.
My scripts for edge detection are under constant development and this page is subject to changes as I hone ideas.
Essentially the software is looking at detecting edges from an image, based upon the concept of lines, the idea being that a line delineates an edge.
Different images are different. Some have very stong contrast in brightnesses and others less so, some are more delineable from their contrasting hues. And so on. The software therefore has paramaters in the selections to the right of the colour picker, that enable experiments to be undertaken on a given photo, to see what works best for the job in hand.
The coding scripts used by this page are all client-side Javascript. It works reasonably fast, I am optimising all the time, could be faster though because of the volume of data being handled pushing the processing to the much faster server may not be all that helpful, at least not at the moment. Maybe at some point in my optimisation researches it will become so.
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This page requires a HTML5 browser and Javascript switched on.
line colour RGB        
set line colour:
adjacent pixels constitute a line
Edge lines determined:
No. of brightness breaks
No. of hue breaks
Include colour name check
Minimum brightness difference
Brightness/hue/colourname check relationship
and or
Clean to thin lines
Join up gaps
Remove floaters and spurs
pixels spread on output
Image Rendering:
Crisp Edges
High Quality
Image rendering is controlled via CSS. The options are CSS image-rendering variables, some of them produce identical results to others in some cases.
Image Smoothing Enabled on Paint
Formula for calculating brightness:

more experiments for the sake of my dreams