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The Making of Artworks
some of my experiments result in artworks
rtworks, of course, are a matter of opinion, but we’ll call them that for the sake of argument.
By manipulating photos to look at relative brightness effects I sometimes make images that might be considered an artwork: considered that on the basis that they are of visual interest, the viewer can get something from them that is supplementary and sometimes more informative than looking at the original photo or photo-compilation.
Why? What makes a manipulated image more artistic – more visually stimulating – than the original? It’s not automatic, any old manipulation will not do, it is only certain hues, brightnesses, and combinations. That is not to say there is only one solution for any given photo, there may be many of them, but the succesful ones (in terms of visual stimulation) are doing something. Right at the moment I do not know precisely what that something is. My quest is to find out.


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