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THE NIGHT WATCH (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
The Night Watch Stats for The Night Watch
Reds:8.03% • Oranges:53.13%Yellows:1.39%Yellow-Greens:<0.01%Greens:<0.01%Cyans:<0.01%Blues:<0.01%Purples:<0.01%Magentas:<0.01%Greys:37.36%Whites:<0.01%Blacks:<0.01%
Mood and Atmosphere: Bland
A rather fragmented painting where each little bit would probably stand better as a work of art on its own. Predominant colour orange, including much of the dark areas, gives it some coherence.
Colour Constancy (see my page Colour Constancy):
Night Watch Detail
The blue colour on the shawl of the young woman and the dress of the woman behind her is not, looked at with a colour meter, blue, it is grey-green, looked at in isolation you would say more grey than green. This kind of colour:
The blue-appearing colour is not a flat colour, each pixel is a different shade, the sample square that I have given being just one of them, but if you look at the blue-appearing areas with a colour meter you will see that all the pixels are a shade of grey-green, not blue.
The Night Watch Analysis 1
Split into 7 equal brightnesses and every second brightness coloured in, every other one transparent, over an orange radial gradient, overlaid with lines from my edge-detection software. The net effect is that you can see quite a lot that it is hard to see in the original painting.
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Fullsize for this may be seen on my Flickr photostream.

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