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THE MILKMAID (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
The Milkmaid Stats for The Milkmaid
Reds:7% • Oranges:23.49%Yellows:39.32%Yellow-Greens:2.73%Greens:1.7%Cyans:0.41%Blues:10.9%Purples:<0.01%Magentas:0.07%Greys:13.8%Whites:<0.01%Blacks:0.53%
Mood and Atmosphere: Serene and Sexy
The sexual imagery of this painting is explained in various places e.g. Wikipedia.
The Milkmaid Analysis 1
Split into 7 equal brightnesses and every second brightness coloured in, every other one transparent, over a yellow radial gradient, overlaid with lines from my edge-detection software.
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