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PARADE DE CIRQUE (The Met, New York)
Parade de Cirque Stats for Parade de Cirque
Reds:20.84% • Oranges:16.31%Yellows:3.57%Yellow-Greens:0.88%Greens:2.87%Cyans:0.57%Blues:32.1%Purples:2.97%Magentas:7.73%Greys:11.34%Whites:0%Blacks:0.85%
Mood and Atmosphere: Paris 1880s, Nighttime Street
In contrast to many painters of previous generations, this one uses a wide range of hues.
Parade de Cirque Analysis 1
Separated into eleven equal brightnesses, every other one coloured in:
dark grey (brightness 15%), magenta (319° brightness 29%), red (2° brightness 47%), green (138° brightness 71%), yellow (55° brightness 94%) and white (brightness 99%). Overlaid with lines from my edge detection software at the same brightness breaks and colours as the filled-in areas. This all over a horizontal gradient at hue 212°.
Shows the brightness layout used by Seurat, and as can happen with such analyses, this highlights aspects that one tends not to identify all that clearly on the original, in this case for example the animals.
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