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Dave Collier
Experimental artist based in Carlisle, north-west England
Me Pointillism
n experimental artist – someone who is undertaking experiments with images to examine the visual effects. I am not especially trying to make attractive pictures (as my pointillist mugshot on this page will show).
These pages explain some of my ideas and theories, and there is some software to experiment with them. Theories include colour and shape perception, especially in the context of relative brightnesses. On the basis that everything we see is relative – i.e. every shape and colour is perceived in relation to that which is around it – we detect the difference between a ‘something’ and what is next to it in various ways, including hue and texture, but most significant of all is relative brightness.
In practice things are more complex than that; quite a lot more. But by understanding this, or more about this, I believe it should be possible to apply some measure of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the production of graphic works. And why would one want to do such a thing? All works, of any type, are done on the underpinning of some knowledge. If that knowledge can make use of the available automation, then it could open up additional possibilities, or at least I think it could.
These pages include some software for photo-manipulation, or more accurately image-manipulation (it doesn’t have to be a photo). These are all my own work, they are experimental and attempt to demonstrate something as explained on each product’s page. The software is free-to-use, on the basis that you should not expect any support and do not expect it to be fully bug-free. It’s experimental.


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