The Making of Artworks
some of my experiments result in artworks
rtworks, of course, are a matter of opinion, but we’ll call what I do that.
Photo the Board
These pages explain some of my ideas and theories, and there is some software to experiment with them. Theories include colour and shape perception, especially in the context of relative brightnesses. On the basis that everything we see is relative – i.e. every shape and colour is perceived in relation to that which is around it – we detect the difference between a ‘something’ and what is next to it in various ways, including hue and texture, but most significant of all is relative brightness.
By understanding this, or more about this, I believe it should be possible to apply some measure of intelligent automation to the production of graphic works. And why would one want to do such a thing? All works, of any type, are done on the underpinning of some knowledge. If that knowledge can make use of the available automation, then it could open up additional possibilities, quite an exciting prospect.
Automation raises the question of what makes an image artistic – visually stimulating, especially in comparison with a photograph of an equivalent scene. Any old manipulation will not do, it is only certain hues, brightnesses, and combinations. That is not to say there is only one solution for any given picture, there may be many of them, but the succesful ones (in terms of visual stimulation) are doing something. In terms of automation it will be necessary to get some idea of what that something, or somethings, is or are.
What is Art?
any artists are makers, they make things be they a painting, drawing, a print or artefact, there are two artistic activities going on, the creative idea and the creative product. I am of the opinion that many people conflate the two. Both are valid, there’s nothing whatever wrong with craft it just isn’t something that I am all that gripped by, I would rather leave that aspect to others, or to the technology if that can be done.
Art in the sense of creative idea I define as:
it invites you to look at an aspect of the world in a new or different way
it evokes an ambience, a feel or emotion
it has content that encourages you to constantly look more deeply for something new of interest.
Any or all combinations of those points. There’s also something about satisfaction of design, where repeated looking is satisfying through interest from the shapes and colours.
Technology to be used, then, in two thrusts: as a type of medium that helps with the technical implementation of the creative idea, and in the subcontracting of the maker aspect, which some artists do and always have done by employing helpers, but not all artists can afford to do that, technology should be able to broaden the availability of this, as it has done and continues to do with so many jobs.
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